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Linen Care

Laundering Your Fine Linens:
Some shrinkage may occur with luxury linens made of natural fibers. The amount depends on the way you care for your linens or designer sheets.

We urge you to launder your linens and bed sheets separately from other items. Zippers, buttons, and other rough objects may damage the long staple fibers, causing pilling. Bath towels with polyester will shed on natural fibers and will affect the softness of your linens and should not be laundered with any luxury bedding or fine table linens.

Drying Your Fine Linens:
All the manufacturers of fine linens recommend that fabric softeners or dryer sheets not be used as both of these contain a wax that will put a coating on your linens and designer bed sheets.

Use a low heat setting for drying being careful not to over-dry. Hanging linens to dry, or pressing them while still damp is also recommended. Try a cool down cycle if possible. Extreme hot or cold temps will decrease the life of your luxury fabrics.

Storing Your Linens:
It is best to iron your fine linens before storing them. Do not store in plastic as this will lead to discoloration. If you are storing on wood shelves, line the shelves with tissue paper, or better yet, use an old white flat bed sheet. Cover the shelf and use the excess part of the sheet to cover your stack of linens or bedding to keep them dust free.

Savannah Fine Linens recommends the following products:
LeBlanc Linen Wash for your general linen laundry
Linen Waters, Talcs, and Sprays to add fragrances to linens